Top 10 Film Stories of the Week (9/12)

Hollywood moves fast. It's time to catch up.

As expected, this week proved exciting with several top stories sourced from the Toronto International Film Festival. Bill Murray sent a few EKGs throughout Spook Central, Robert Downey, Jr. ruffled up the comics, and a pair of big names hit the confessional booth to discuss their recent work. We also saw clear-cut evidence of a few all-star vehicles for two of the biggest blockbusters on the horizon. Needless to say, it wasn’t a bad week by any means.

First off…

10. Someone still wants Top Gun 2


[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Justin Marks, the writer behind Disney’s upcoming live-action version of The Jungle Book, in negotiations to work on Top Gun 2, the sequel to the 1980s Tom Cruise classic that is being made by Paramount and Skydance.

I assumed the tragic death of Top Gun director Tony Scott would be enough to halt a foolish production of a sequel, but now that we have the writer of that Street Fighter movie starring Chris “You just inherited a big problem” Klein, I guess I was the fool all along. Is nothing sacred? Can’t we just leave our aviator glasses and jackets on the beach volleyball courts of the mid ‘80s? Unfortunately, Bruckheimer and T.C. (Tom Cruise) still appear down for a sequel, but without Scott this movie seems a step away from hiring John Moore in his place. It’s not impossible to imagine! I repeat: the writer of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is working on this! Now the idea of Top Gun 2 seems like a highway to the danger zone, and nothing about this could ever take my breath away. Top Pun. –Justin Gerber


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