Watch video of deadmau5 moonlighting as an Uber driver in his McLaren 650S

On Wednesday, deadmau5 took to the streets of Toronto as a one-night-only Uber driver, shepherding gentle folks to bars and Mexican food restaurants in his brand new McLaren 650S (aka the “Meowclaren”). If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ride in his little White Lightning, the folks at Uber have compiled video highlights of the DJ’s evening as a chauffeur.

Despite the complete lack of high-speed chases, the clip still offers a few entertaining tidbits. Namely, there’s some personal insights into the man otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman (he hates rain, his cat is nearly 10). It’s also just funny to see folks alternate between sheepish fandom and fear as their famous driver accelerates suddenly.

The best part, however, comes as one girl reveals her disappointment in not being picked up in deadmau5’s old Nyan Cat-covered Ferrari 458 Spider. To that woman, I say this: remember that you just got a ride to 7-11 in a $270,000 sports car, and not some hoopty made of five different cars all made pre-1999.

Strap in and watch it below.


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