Zola Jesus shares song “Go (Blank Sea)” — listen


On October 8th, Nika Roza Danilova, aka Zola Jesus, will return with her new album, Taiga. Although it’s her fifth LP to date, it’s said to be her most liberating release and her “true debut.”

Already we’ve heard the propulsive lead single “Dangerous Days” (and seen it’s deeply metaphysical clip). Now, comes “Go (Blank Sea)”, a euphoric electropop number that’s flushed with sweeping, tidal wave-sized synths. Here, Zola sounds as powerful as ever, her vocals cascading down with a force like that of a waterfall. While it may serve as her most pop-oriented offering yet, lyrically the track still explores darker subjects.

“It’s just about the feeling of being downtown in a sea of people, but at the same time you feel completely alone,” she told The FADER. “It’s just this idea of being a human in a civilized world and how it doesn’t really mean anything. It still feels savage in a weird way.”

Listen in below.

Taiga Tracklist:
01. Taiga
02. Dangerous Days
03. Dust
04. Hunger
05. Go (Blank Sea)
06. Ego
07. Lawless
08. Nail
09. Long Way Down
10. Hollow
11. It’s Not Over