Arcade Fire’s Will Butler contributed music to Bronx Obama, a film about an Obama impersonator

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler recently earned his first Academy Award nomination for scoring the 2013 Spike Jonze film, Her. Now, the Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer has lent his musical talents to another movie project entitled Bronx Obama. Directed by Ryan Murdock, it’s a 90-minute documentary that follows Louis Ortiz, a Bronx native who’s made a career out of impersonating President Barack Obama.

Bronx Obama is available for purchase right now via digital retailers like iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube Movies. It’s also set to air on Showtime on October 30th.

Below is a description of the film, followed by its official trailer.

When Louis Ortiz shaved off his goatee one day in 2008, his life changed forever. He looked in the mirror and he didn’t see himself – a middle-aged, unemployed Puerto Rican father from the Bronx. He saw the face of change, of hope … of money. Bronx Obama tells the strange and improbable tale of a Barack Obama impersonator who tries to cash in on the ‘look of a lifetime’ and chases a fevered American dream from opportunity to oblivion.


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