Big Star share “Daisy Glaze” from upcoming vinyl release of Live in Memphis — listen

As previously reported, Big Star’s only known concert film, Live in Memphis, will be released on DVD for the first time ever on November 4th. The hour-long film chronicles the band’s hometown performance at New Daisy from October 29th, 1994. Today, Omnivore Recordings has offered up a sneak peek of the newly-remastered audio in the form of “Daisy Glaze”.

Originally found on 1974’s Radio City, the track opens with the album version’s slow, simple guitars, albeit amped up a couple notches as to accommodate for the live setting. Ken Stringfellow’s pristine voice comes in crystal clear over Jody Stephens’ pounding drums, immediately establishing the song’s core dynamic. As Stringfellow’s vocals waver achingly, Stephens suddenly pummels his kit with the intensity of a Norse thunder god, signaling a tempo shift as the song blasts upward. After all that bravado and noise, hearing the emotional Stringfellow let out his quick “thanks” at the end is nearly as breathtaking as the track itself.

You couldn’t ask for a crisper live recording, so listen in below. Just think, if the audio makes it feel this real, imagine what the video will do.

Available digitally as well as on CD or double LP, Live in Memphis includes the full 20-song audio recording of the show, plus liner notes penned by Stephens, Stringfellow, Ardent Studios’ John Fry, and producer Danny Graflund. The DVD release excludes one song, “Fire”, for a tracklist of 19 songs.

Pre-orders for the release are ongoing. A limited pressing of 1,000 colored vinyl copies will come first, followed by black-pressed vinyl after that.

Live in Memphis Tracklist:
01. In the Street
02. Don’t Lie to Me
03. When My Baby’s Beside Me
04. I Am the Cosmos
05. Way Out West
06. Till the End of the Day
07. The Ballad Of El Goodo
08. Back of a Car
09. Fire *
10. Daisy Glaze
11. Jesus Christ
12. For You
13. Baby Strange
14. Feel
15. September Gurls
16. Big Black Car
17. Thank You Friends
18. The Girl From Ipanema
19. Patty Girl
20. Slut

* = “Fire” does not appear on DVD


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