Charli XCX crashes high school homecoming dance — photos

Kids these days really have it made: They have unlimited access to every song ever made, never had to suffer through 56k dialup, and in lieu of Chumbawamba and “Closing Time”, real-life pop stars perform at their homecoming.

As Billboard reports, Charli XCX — who herself is only four years removed from high school — crashed  Aspire Pacific Academy’s homecoming dance in Huntington Park, California on Wednesday night. She helped L’il Timmy get his grind on by performing songs like “I Love It”, “Fancy”, and “Boom Clap”, and later manned the DJ booth. Below, you can check out a few photos of the night that have been posted to Twitter.

It is worth noting that Charli’s surprise appearance wasn’t completely organic — Ubisoft sponsored the dance in support of their latest video game, Just Dance 15. Still, I would have been fine with a little bit of product placement if it meant the highlight of my school dance wasn’t the concession table.

Charli’s new album, Sucker, arrives on December 16th.


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