Childish Gambino’s video for “Telegraph Ave” is the best love story ever — watch

In the past, Childish Gambino has outright denied rumors of a budding romance with pop singer Jhene Aiko, calling the pair simply good friends. In a move that’s bound to give Gossiping Gabbies everywhere something to talk about, Aiko has been cast at the rapper-actor’s love interest in the video for the Because the Internet slow jam “Telegraph Ave”.

Vacationing on some exotic island, the duo enjoy romantic strolls, take some picturesque selfies, cuddle near a campfire, and generally look like they’re in absolute l-o-v-e. Then holy cupcakes the ending! Without spoiling anything, I’ll bet my firstborn child that no one will ever see this coming (and if you do, someone should start a church at your feet). I will say this though: More than just being incredibly awesome, the finale is a damn fine metaphor for how Gambino sees himself as a viable love interest. Awww, sad face and giant grin emojis.

Watch it below. Seriously, this is the best ending this side of The Usual Suspects, folks.


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