Damien Rice does his best “Thom Yorke” in video for “I Don’t Want To Change You” — watch

Watch out, Thom Yorke, you’ve got a challenger for “Indie King of the Dance”, and his name is Damien Rice. The Irish folk singer cuts loose in the new video for “I Don’t Want To Change You”, busting out some jerky plies and epic windmills while standing on a rather picturesque dock. Sure, Rice’s routine is aided by some subtle camera/editing tricks, but the man’s got the same wild energy and distinct Avant garde influence as the Radiohead frontman. The only thing left to do is pit the duo in a dance-off atop Mount Kilimanjaro. It’ll do gangbusters on PPV, folks.

Watch the video below.

“I Don’t Want To Change You” serves as the lead single to Rice’s first album in eight years, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, due out November 10th via Warner Bros Records. For more, check out the title track.

In support of the album, Rice is on tour in the US now, where he’ll remain through the end of the month. Consult the full schedule here.


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