Foo Fighters preview two new songs from Sonic Highways — listen

In a new five-minute extended preview for their HBO series Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters have teased two new tracks from their forthcoming album of the same name. The band previously revealed a pair of eight-second snippets (intense eight-second snippets) and an extended clip in the show’s trailer, but the new samples give us the clearest listen yet at some of the lyrics.

The first bit is from “Something From Nothing”, a toned-down jam that seems to cut away right before a big breakout (which we know is coming from that previously released trailer). Here, Dave Grohl sings, “Here lies a city on fire/ Singing along/ The arsonist choir/ And I here I go.” Later we get a taste of the high-powered rocker “Feast and the Famine”, with Grohl screaming out the song’s title after a hearty “Amen!” There are also various instrumentals played under the entire discussion, though it’s impossible to put a name to those tracks.

Unfortunately, you can only check out the preview if you have access to HBO Go, but surely you’ve got some buddy you can bug for a password (‘s what I did). Still, if you’ve got it, head here to watch and listen. Update: You can now stream it below.

During the discussion, the band also mentions some of the musicians you can expect to see on the Sonic Highways program and album, including Heart, Dolly Parton, Chuck D, Willie Nelson, Mike D, LL Cool J, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Gary Clark Jr., and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. You’ll be able to hear how all these artists influenced the record when it drops November 10th from Roswell Records, and see how it all came together when the HBO series premieres on October 17th.


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