Former WU LYF frontman forms new band LUH., stream debut song “Unites”

WU LYF called it quits back in 2012 less than a year after releasing their excellent debut album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain. Since then, the band’s members have carried on with various projects of their own, including the offshoot group Los Porcos and bassist Tom McClung’s solo project, Francis Lung. Meanwhile, frontman Ellery James Roberts briefly launched a solo career with last year’s standalone single “Kerou’s Lament”. Now, he’s returned with a brand new band called LUH., which stands for Lost Under Heaven.

Along with the announcement, LUH., which also features singer Ebony Hoorn, has unveiled its debut track. Entitled “Unites”, it’s an anthemic love song highlighted by Roberts’ signature raspy howl. In an accompanying message, he described the song in further detail:

A song of longing for balance in a world where we slump & grind to a senseless algoriddim of fractious complexity. A song for lovers, numbered by the placid plateau of conform-core modernity. The personal is political as never before, and all those that make the choice to step away sing Luvah’s Song. I wrote this for you, for her, for every longing breath lost under heaven’s refracted light.
are you ready/ to see this world open up before you?

Listen in below.


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