Gringo Star share new song “Long Time Gone” — listen

For their first two albums, 2008’s All Y’all and 2011’s Count Yer Lucky StarsAtlanta garage rock outfit Gringo Star had the good fortune of working with famed producer Ben Allen. As he did with the likes of Animal Collective and Deerhunter, Allen managed to maintain the band’s innate sound (a rambunctious blend of garage rock and power pop) while adding a distinct sheen of studio polish and professionalism. However, when it came time to record album No. 3, the trio hit the studio alone, hoping to channel more of a “punk-ish” energy. The resulting record, last year’s Floating Out To See, was a slightly grungier, more intense effort than its predecessors.

Gringo Star will once again fly the DIY mantle with their upcoming seven-inch, having recorded in their own basement. Before the effort hits digital retailers this Friday (October 17th), the A-side “Long Time Gone” is streaming below. A lighthearted, classic rock ‘n’ roll romp, the track features a surprisingly minimalist arrangement, with the focus primarily on some light distortion and a flamenco guitar that weaves in and out of the mix.  Despite the blissful instrumentation, the vocals sound wholly unaffected, as singer Nicholas Furgiuele slurs lines like, “I know I got to let it go a long time gone.” It might lack the band’s past elegance, but the track still hits you right in the guts and the heart.

Listen in below.


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