Interpol soundtrack a man’s nervous breakdown in video for “My Desire” — watch

I recently spent a week in Montreal listening to Interpol’s new album El Pintor on an endless loop. Enjoying the city and its sights, I let my mind wander to possible music video concepts for each album track. (Oh man, am I the or what?) Luckily, the end result for “My Desire” is much better than the synchronized swimmers I had envisioned.

Directed by Markus Lundqvist, the clip finds the band performing inside some dive bar as a man (played by Captain America’s Frank Grillo) flips through Polaroids between plentiful shots of rum. The song builds slowly and slowly, perfectly mirroring the man’s increasing sense of unease, paranoia, and general intoxication. With a kind of David-Lynch-meets-Christopher Nolan charm/head-trippiness to it, the barrage of questions this clips leaves you with will no doubt eat at you all day.  Enjoy!

Watch it below.


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