Master P appears in a commercial for Kentucky law firm, for some reason — watch

Undoubtedly, some of you are going to see the name Master P and wonder to yourselves, “Hey, I haven’t even thought of that guy since the ‘Make ‘Em Say Uhh!’ video. Has he fallen into the realm of washed-up celebrity like so many before him?” The answer is: No, he has not. In fact, a couple years back, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that, thanks to his ongoing solo releases and a still burgeoning No Limits catalog, Master P was worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 million. Not as high as a Jay Z or Dr. Dre, but still fairly impressive considering that most of us couldn’t recall a song of his after 2003.

Considering his continued financial prosperity, his latest venture is all all that more amazing: The No Limit General himself appears in a new ad for the Kentucky-based law firm of Winton & Hiestand. The 30-second ad features a pretty compelling voiceover from Master P, who speaks of the law firm’s devotion to justice and fight for the weak. Of course, any credibility is immediately ruined when he ends with his signature “Uhhhhhh!”, but it’s nonetheless a compelling bit of footage.

Why would a guy who is still worth so much do a lowly little ad? Yeah, he’s got back taxes to deal with, but nothing as exorbitant as, say, Wesley Snipes. Does he owe these guys a favor? Or is he just a really great guy who believes in their cause? Is Master P a secret crusader of social justice? Maybe he wants to expand his empire with additional voiceover work? Regardless, this whole thing makes no sense no matter how you dissect it, and that’s why you’ll watch it several dozen times.



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