Paul McCartney unearths lost duet with John Bonham, “Beware My Love”

On November 4th, Paul McCartney will reissue a deluxe edition of Wings’ fifth album, Wings at the Speed of Sound. Among the collection’s bonus material is a previously unreleased version of LP track “Beware My Love” featuring Led Zeppelin’s own John Bonham handling the drumming duties. Premiered during a Twitter Q&A with Macca, the long-lost take includes an especially hard-hitting bridge courtesy of Bonham’s percussive prowess.

Listen in below via Twitter’s new audio card feature, or here.

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In the same Twitter Q&A, McCartney also discussed Foo Fighters’ new single “Something From Nothing”, professed his love of Kanye West and Jay Z’s live show, and, addressed the serious topic of whether or not he is actually a cyborg (kudos to Ryan Adams for the probing question).


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