Robert Plant partied like it was 1970 with weed and music on The Colbert Report — watch

Supporting his latest solo effort, lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, Robert Plant made an appearance on The Colbert Report on Thursday night. The Led Zeppelin frontman’s quirky brand of humor was on display from the start, as he lost his mic seconds into the segment after doing his own impression of Stephen Colbert’s pre-interview celebratory trot. Colbert helped Plant re-attach his mic and quipped, “You know what, I never thought I’d say I started an interview by saying ‘I just touched Robert Plant’s butt.'”

During the actual interview, Colbert asked Plant about the state of his Rocktober, being English royalty, poetry, and whether there’s ever a time he’s not in “full Robert Plantness.” For his part, Plant presented Colbert with a joint, to which Colbert responded, “Let’s find out what this is later.”

Plant then joined his band The Sensational Space Shifters for performances of “Rainbow” and “Little Maggie”. Replay both the interview and the performances below.



“Little Maggie”:


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