Scott Walker and Sunn O))) turn “Brando” into bizarre horror film — watch

Some of the best horror movies have nothing to do with how many liters of blood were used or the number of jump scares that occurred. Instead, the most frightening films bombard the audience with disturbing images and ideas and let us fill in the gaps with our own worst fears and preconceived notions. That seems to be the method adopted by Scott Walker and Sunn O))), who’ve presented something of a ’70s-inspired psycho-horror short film with their new video for “Brando”.

Directed by French artist/choreographer Gisèle Vienne, the clip is a befuddling tale of a mother and her son: What begins as apparently innocent bonding time turns in a surreal affair as the boy locks himself away and the mother undergoes some bizarre, dance-orientated break with reality. When an older, bureaucratic-looking woman arrives at the end, the flood of questions is almost physically overwhelming. With its Avant garde feel, pronounced erotic undertones, and well-timed use of a lil’ bit of gore, this clip draws true, visceral terror from the endless ocean of mystery you can’t help but dive into. Watch it below (via NPR).

“Brando” is the opening track of Walker and Sunn O)))’s collaborative album, Soused, out now via 4AD.


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