Shabazz Palaces video for “Motion Sickness” would make a killer HBO show — watch

Shabazz Palaces are just as interested in pushing the boundaries of video as they are in music. Case in point: their new video for the Lese Majesty single “Motion Sickness”, which is essentially every great HBO and Showtime series rolled into one convenient four-minute block.

Directed by TEAN, the clip involves a single mother who’s gotten herself involved in some sort of drug-running ring, aided in part by a seemingly corrupt police official. There’s also the heart-wrenching side-plot involving her daughter and this freaky cartoon astronaut, with dream sequences of the mother as the way-faring space explorer. Gritty and yet utterly surreal, it’s got The Wire-esque storyline mixed with the heart of, say, Enlightened and a dash of Twin Peaks-ian fantasy.

Sure, it’s not as visually befuddling as the duo’s video for “#CAKE”. But I’ll be damned if I’m not already writing a letter to get Motion Sickness the show on Starz for fall 2016. Watch it below.


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