Shura shares gorgeous synthpop song “Indecision” — listen

Shura - Just Once - Interview

Although she’s yet to officially announce a debut album, rising London singer-songwriter Shura has a handful of very promising singles in her repertoire. Following in the footsteps of those gorgeously emotive synthpop numbers,“Tough” and “Just Once”, comes a brand new song called “Indecision”.

Not one to keep her feelings buried deep, Shura tackles the painful aftermath of a breakup head-on. “Tell me why we can’t make this work?” she pleads, her tender, vulnerable coo drifting over faintly glowing synths. It’s not hard to notice the musical nods towards ’80s-era Madonna or Robyn’s modern-day take on Europop, especially when Shura’s just as honest about matters of the heart as both those pop trailblazers: “It may be over but there’s something you should know, you’ve got the love, boy, you’ve got the love.”

Listen in below.


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