South Park releases full version of Lorde spoofing “Push (Feel Good on a Wednesday)” — listen

Two weeks back, South Park pulled off an incredible spoofing of Lorde while also teaching a valuable lesson in self-acceptance. If you missed it, the episode revealed that Randy Marsh has actually been the New Zealand pop star all along, but had kept his dual identity secret out of shame. The episode concluded with the “premiere” of Lorde’s next big hit, “Push (Feel Good on a Wednesday)”.

Okay, so in reality the song isn’t sung by either Lorde or Randy, but rather Australian singer Sia. (The great Kiwi-Aussie war rages on.) Regardless, the track’s a hoot, and now the lovely folks at South Park have made it available for free download via Twitter. Click here to grab it for yourself, or click play below to take a listen.

And just because it’s so great, here’s Lorde singing “I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya”, the short clip from an episode three weeks ago that started this whole thing.


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