Stream: Stars’ new album No One Is Lost


Canadian indie rockers Stars will release their seventh studio album, No One Is Lost, on October 14th via ATO Records. In anticipation, the album is streaming in full at

The follow-up to 2012’s The North was co-produced by the band and producer Liam O’Neil (Metric, The Stills). According to a press release, the band was looking to build their own studio and “serendipitously inherited the Mile End rehearsal space last December above the now defunct Royal Phoenix nightclub in Montreal. Stars built a functional studio out of the former space of then-disbanding Handsome Furs (and site of Arcade Fire’s first rehearsals); Mile End became a home away from home. Then the nightclub (and life) crept in, resulting in Stars’ most urgent record to date.”

Explaining the album’s title and overall concept, singer Torquil Campbell said, “This record’s called No One Is Lost because that is a fucking lie. We are all lost, we are all going to lose this game and, as you get older, you lose people more and more. I just wanted to close my eyes and jump and hope that was true. Life is loss, love is loss. And loving people is about accepting that you’re going to have to say goodbye to them. And that’s why it’s fucking brave. That’s Stars ethos: this life is very heartbreaking and sad … so let’s get completely fucking arseholed and listen to some Dionne Warwick.”

The album is preceded by three singles, “From the Night” (the lyric video is streaming below), “Turn It Up”, and the title trackPre-orders for the album are ongoing.

No One Is Lost Tracklist:
01. From The Night
02. This Is The Last Time
03. You Keep Coming Up
04. Turn It Up
05. No Better Place
06. What Is To Be Done?
07. Trap Door
08. Are You OK?
09. A Stranger
10. Look Away
11. No One Is Lost