The Simpsons pay homage to Cat Stevens — watch

Over its 26-season run, The Simpsons have opened almost every episode with a clever “couch gag,” spoofing everything from “The Harlem Shake” to Breaking Bad and even getting artists like Banksy and Don Hertzfeld to direct their own versions. The show’s latest gag goes in a more musical direction, taking on Cat Stevens’ iconic 1970 album Tea For The Tillerman.

In the clip, which features the album’s title track in lieu of The Simpsons’standard opening music, Homer, Lisa, and Maggie replicate the album artwork while other Springfield residents give a literal interpretation of the song’s lyrics. The whole thing is wonderfully charming and totally good-hearted, and comes complete with an obligatory “D’oh!” from Homer himself. Watch it below.

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Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, is set to release his first album in five years. Entitled Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, it’s due out on October 27th via Sony.


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