Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/10)


As we approach the middle of fall, experiencing colder weather and waiting restlessly for the holidays, the influx of new music certainly hasn’t slowed. This week offers loads of newcomers, with SAGE’s lovely piano-based debut, Girlpool’s peppy new single, and a raucous new project from Wavves’ Nathan Williams. That said, the veterans also make a good showing, with Queens rapper Action Bronson reuniting with Party Supplies, Deerhoof highlighting their infectious weirdness, and TV on the Radio giving another preview of their fifth LP.

10. TV on the Radio – “Careful You”

tv on the radio seeds

Primed with Kavinsky-leaning electro, “Careful You” is quickly tamed by the orotund delivery of TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe. The second single from the band’s forthcoming fifth full-length, Seeds, there is a lush, thinly veiled sensuality here that courses through its rich synth waves and heartbeat of a bass line. Even without the pulsating amorphous forms of the music video, the lyrics are sure to cause a slight uptick in your blood pressure: “There is a softness to your touch/ There is a wonder to your ways.” But the track isn’t some naïve ode to love; instead, it reflects on the good and bad that accompanies the thrill of lust. Grab Seeds November 18th via Harvest Records. –Derek Staples

9. SAGE – “In Between”

sage1 Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/10)

French musician Ambroise Willaume makes music as the frontman of Revolver, but after the band’s guitars were stolen while on a recent tour, he decided to strike out on his own, making piano-based music as SAGE. “In Between”, his first single under the moniker, is absolutely stunning. Quietly melancholic, the song floats with lush piano chords and lilting strings. Willaume’s classically trained, soothing falsetto and impeccable composition skills make his debut EP, In Between, out on October 27th via Labelgum, one not to miss. –Josh Terry


8. Party Supplies feat. Action Bronson and Black Atlass – “The Light In The Addict”

action bronson - party supplies

After two installments of their excellent Blue Chips mixtape series, it’s clear that Action Bronson and Party Supplies are meant to make music together. Rivaling any producer/rapper duos in the game, they return with another stellar single, “Light In The Addict”, featuring crooner Black Atlass. The jaunty piano-based beat suits both Atlass’ sultry voice and Bam Bam’s machismo-laden Queens flow. It’s more focused on setting a vibe than flashiness, and because of that all three musicians sound at their most relaxed. –-Josh Terry

7. Tinashe – “Little Things”

tinashe aquarius Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/10)

21-year-old R&B upstart Tinashe released her debut album Aquarius this week, and unfortunately, “Little Things” was one of the tracks that didn’t make the cut. The singer’s vocals slip and slide effortlessly around an increasingly complex beat. “Little Things” keeps getting busier the longer it goes on, but it never feels overcrowded. Right at the center of the chaos, Tinashe navigates a perfect pop hook. A B-side this good suggest that there’s plenty more ahead from this interesting new artist. –Sasha Geffen

6. Deerhoof – “Last Fad”

deerhoof2k14 Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/10)

Experimental rock mainstays Deerhoof, as ever, are setting the pace for bands who want to be all kinds of stormy, but also songwriter-ly enough to build a more-than-considerable following. “Last Fad” showcases this even more fluidly than the previously released tracks from the upcoming La Isla Bonita, “Paradise Girls” and “Exit Only”. The vocals are driving and authoritative whether Satomi Matsuzaki is leading or her bandmates are closely following, John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez’s riffs are perfectly discordant and skull-hammering, and yes, Greg Saunier fucking smashes. La Isla Bonita (same as the Madonna song) is out November 4th. –Michael Madden

5. Joel Ford feat. Ejecta – “Breathe”

joel ford

The techno underground can be a perilous place. Joel Ford is making that world a much more welcoming one with “Breathe”, featuring the vocal pleasantry of his Ejecta collaborator Leanne Macomber. Like the accompanying tracks set to appear on his forthcoming mini-album, Fugitive, this six-minute ambient-techno cut is constructed entirely of samples ripped from action movies released during the 1980s and ’90s. Borrowing from the once infamous vibes of UK’s famed orbital highway, Ford spotlights the timelessness of the after-hours aesthetic — producing a single that (after a few edits) would sound relevant in mixes that span the amorphous electronic world. –Derek Staples

4. Girlpool – “Blah Blah Blah”


Girlpool are so good at sounding simpler than they actually are. Take “Blah Blah Blah”, a new song that the rock duo unveiled this week. The title’s just a cluster of syllables and the song barely breaks the two-minute mark, but the rough, off-kilter guitar riff and the half-yelped, half-sung vocals turn the single into more than just another demo scraped out of LA’s DIY scene. Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker duet on vocals, guitar, and bass to take on the epidemic of creeps who talk too much and don’t ever say anything. “Blah Blah Blah” might come off scratchy and simple, but it packs one heck of a riot grrrl punch. –Sasha Geffen

3. Spirit Club – “Eye Dozer”

Wavves - Spirit Club

Nathan Williams splits his time between making punchy snot-rock as the frontman of Wavves and producing beats with his hip-hop project Sweet Valley. Now, the California-based musician returns with another venture, taking the sunny and wistful vibes of his home state and channeling them into surf pop as Spirit Club. Rounding off the group with Joel Williams and Andrew Caddick, lead single “Eye Dozer” feels in line with other beach-minded acts like Best Coast or The Drums, but caught in dreamier, lo-fi arrangements. Their debut single, “Eye Dozer” b/w “Sling”, is available for download here. –Josh Terry

2. Yumi Zouma – “Alena”

Yumi Zouma

Dancehall piano cuts right to the top of the mix on Yumi Zouma’s “Alena”, though it’s hard to imagine the song scoring an impromptu dance party, much less a club raver. That’s the magic of this New Zealand alt pop group, though; they subvert markers of “dance” to grasp at something much more subtle. “Come over here and talk to me,” they beckon, a glossy beat blooming around the vocals. This song’s motion is all psychological; it might not move you to actually dance, but it’ll move through your skull all day. –Sasha Geffen

1. Ex Cops – “White Noise”

excops Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/10)

“I wanna be loved!” stomps Ex Cops frontwoman Amalie Bruun when “White Noise” reaches its literal and figurative peak. She then adds: “in silence.” Regardless, this song, like fellow Daggers previews “Black Soap” and “Tragically Alright” (featuring Ariel Pink), is a bold, confident pop move from the Brooklyn duo following their more low-key, shoegaze-informed True Hallucinations. In tone and in its primary-colored headrush, it practically sounds like a La Roux single, which is as high a compliment as one can pay to a pop song these days, really. However, whereas Elly Jackson is no longer working with writer and producer Ben Langmaid, Bruun still has Brian Harding, who here makes his presence felt for real when he enters with an acoustic guitar-plus-vocal bridge. Daggers is out November 11th via Downtown Records; Billy Corgan himself executive produced. –Michael Madden