Trans Upper Egypt shares new song “Moon Doom” — listen


Trans Upper Egypt describes itself as the lovechild of Suicide and Silver Apples. With equal parts nerdy obsession and reckless abandon, the foursome take primal punk, psych rock, doom metal, and bits of synthpop and mash them all into a symphony of sounds and ideas as jarring and grating as it is gleefully infectious.

“We wanted to bring new sounds and instruments into a scene that at that time was mainly noise and garage,” the band said in a statement, adding their goal was to play more “linear, hypnotic” music like that of Can, White Noise, and Twink, among others.

They’ve perfected that multi-faceted mixture with a number of EPs and singles in addition to last year’s full-length debut, North African Berserk. On November 4th, they’ll return with their self-titled sophomore record, which is being released via the US-based label Monofonus Press. Already they’ve shared the pounding lead single “Mountains”; today, they unveil another of the LP’s eight tracks in “Moon Doom”.

Though its name implies otherwise, the five-minute song actually begins quite peacefully. The skittish, jazz-inspired drums serve as a sturdy base for blown-out, whispery vocals and random whips and buzzes, a soundscape that checks the hypnotic requirement they were gunning for. Right around the three-minute mark, the doom comes in full force, with wailing guitars and what’s akin to the ominous hovering of spacecraft leading the charge. It may give you a bit of emotional whiplash, but “Moon Doom” serves as an intriguing introduction to TUE’s unique approach to rock.

Listen in below.

Trans Upper Egypt Tracklist:
01. Opinions
02. CCTT
03. Fantasia
04. Virginia
05. Mountains
06. Moon Doom
07. Morte
08. African Ice Cream