Washer share new song “Rot” — listen

Brooklyn garage rock duo Washer may sound apathetic in recordings, but their work ethic is anything but. Earlier this year, the band released their debut EP, Bighead, and already they’re gearing up to release even more music. On November 18th, they’ll return with a split single alongside fellow punk rockers Big Ups. Already we named Big Ups’ brazen contribution, “Rash”, as one of our top tracks of last week. Today, we’re getting our first taste of what Washer has to offer with their single, “Rot”.

The track opens with a fast-paced and sloppy barrage of guitar, seguing nicely into vocalist Mike Quigley crooning slacker poetry like, “Well I got a job, now I’m actin’ like a slob.” Drummer Kieran McShane matches the depravity with simplistic and jaunty drum fills. The track’s wobbly chords and off-key vocals make it easy to imagine Washer chumming it up with the likes of Green River and Mudhoney in a past life. It’s a time capsule to the early days of grunge, with a healthy side of youthful indifference.

Listen in below.


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