“Weird Al” Yankovic performs “Lame Claim to Fame” on Craig Ferguson — watch

Craig Ferguson doesn’t invite nearly as many musical guests to The Late Late Show as his fellow late-night hosts. So, when he actually does, it’s usually something special or an artist truly close to the Scotsman’s heart. Case in point: Friday night’s episode featured an appearance from one “Weird Al” Yankovic.

The pair seemed especially buddy-buddy as they sat down for a pre-performance chat, whipping compliments back-and-forth and discussing, among other things, the power of vinyl and Al’s Putin-esque pose on the cover of Mandatory Fun. From there, Yankovic and his band hit the stage for an extra bluesy rendition of album standout “Lame Claim to Fame”. It’s hard to decide what was more entertaining, though: Ferguson’s introductory gang signs that spelled out “Weird Al” or Yankovic’s creepy, creepy cowbell solo. See, told you it’d be special.

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Watch the interview here. The performance is streaming below.


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