DIIV’s Devin Ruben Perez accused of posting racist, misogynistic, and sexist comments on 4chan


Photo by Tom Spray

Newly unearthed comments attributed to DIIV bassist Devin Ruben Perez have drawn criticism for their racist, misogynistic, and sexist nature.

The website Sexism in Music has dug up messages Perez allegedly posted on the forum 4chan. In one instance, he refers to Perfect Pussy frontwoman Meredith Graves as a “bitch” and gives her a numerical rating, “Not my type AT ALL. Sorry. 1/10.”


Other messages see Perez call UK producer Zomby a “nigger” and actor Jake Gyllenhaal “the biggest fucking faggot ever.” He also made an anti-semetic joke (“I’m a good goyim. Every time a Rabbi gets close, I shout out for my friend Burnstein and tell him to leave me alone unless they want to break their shmageggi, oy vey”).

After learning of Sexism in Music’s article, Perez returned to 4chan to defend his comments, specifically as they related to Graves. “She IS a bitch though,” Perez writes. “She’s really fucking mean. I never did anything to her and she’s always looking for ways to attack me and my friends, like a rabid FEMALE DOG.”

DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith has responded on Twitter, writing, “I will never EVER tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, bullying, or bigotry of any kind. I’m doing everything to get to the bottom of this.” He also railed against the media for covering the story.

Update: In response to Sky Ferreira’s own tweets addressing the situation (Ferreira is Zachary Cole Smith’s girlfriend), Perez denied he is “sexist, racist or a misogynist.”

Update 2: A representative for DIIV has sent the following statement to Pitchfork:

Cole doesn’t stand for any bigotry, hatred, sexism racism or homophobia, especially when it’s manifest in his own band. Cole and Devin are discussing what happened and his future in the band. Devin acknowledges what he did is very wrong. 4chan is a poisonous place. It’s the bowels of the internet. A place where Devin lost sight of what’s remotely appropriate and what isn’t. Racial slurs and sexist remarks are practically what comprise the entirety of the site. It’s important to examine the context of his comments, not to excuse them, but rather because it is a place that breeds, proliferates, and encourages dark and violent ideologies disguised as humor.

It needs to be exposed. It’s lurking just beneath the surface and it’s everywhere. Every journalist covering this story has a responsibility to expose 4chan for what it is. But regardless of the context, what Devin said is inexcusable. It will not be tolerated in the band or anywhere. But ultimately Cole and Devin are very close friends so this is a very hard thing for him to swallow, seeing such unexpected behavior like this from such a close friend. It is not being tolerated and is being dealt with right now.”