Top Concert Photos of 2014

The world's much too big to see on your own.

A great photo doesn’t just capture an event, it takes you there. At Consequence of Sound, that power is so essential. Each year, we cover over two dozen music festivals, in addition to countless concerts anwed special events. Our writers work very hard to bottle up the energy, but much of that journey falls to the hands of our trusty photographers.

That’s not an easy ask and yet the brilliant minds you’re about to see commit to this task without question. As we reported last year, “It’s an unenviable task that’s sometimes dangerous, almost always tedious, and the death of your mind, body, and soul.” Personally, I lasted a year doing this until I finally said, “Son of a bitch, my knees.”

Once again, we’ve named this year’s top photographer, who follows last year’s inaugural winner: Ben Kaye. Following this, we’ve also included separate galleries for our many senior and rookie photographers with accompanying personal anecdotes. If you dig any of their work — and we don’t see how you couldn’t — do yourself a favor and start following ’em.

After all, the world’s much too big to see on your own.

–Michael Roffman


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