Kyle MacLachlan confirms return to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Welcome back, Agent Cooper: actor Kyle MacLachlan has announced that he’ll return to the town of Twin Peaks for the show’s forthcoming third season.

MacLachlan confirmed the news Monday during Showtime’s panel at the Television Critics Association, joining president David Nevins on stage whilst in character as the no-nonsense FBI agent. “You look like you need a damn fine cup of coffee,” MacLachlan remaked to Nevins before telling the audience, “I’m very excited to return to the strange world of Twin Peaks. May the forest be with you.”

This announcement is the first concrete bit of news we’ve gotten since the show’s return was confirmed back in October. For his part, Nevins said he’s been “writing checks and leaving them (co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost) alone,” working to ensure any major plot details remain hidden. However, he did say MachLachlan’s surprise appearance was just the beginning, as Showtime plans to introduce more original cast members throughout its press tour.

Nevins also offered some insight into why Lynch chose to revive the show for its 25th anniversary, explaining that “it’s something they’ve been toying with for a long time. I think in David’s mind, 25 years seemed like the magic number.”

Set to air on Showtime in 2016, this latest season of Twin Peaks will involve nine new episodes written and directed by Lynch. According to one Variety report, “The new [episodes] will be set in the present day and continue storylines established in the second season. Sources emphasize that the new episodes will not be a remake or a reboot but will reflect the passage of time since viewers last checked in with key characters.”

Below, revisit the teaser trailer released this past fall. Then, enjoy the best of Agent Cooper.


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