Ricky Eat Acid shares new song “Context” — listen

Photo by Landon Speers

Ricky Eat Acid is the moniker of Maryland musician Sam Ray. In 2014, he released Three Love Songs, an album full of warmly crafted electronic songs. Though most of the LP was subdued and relatively comforting, his new song, “Context”, goes exuberantly in another direction. Instead of hushed, contemplative tones, the track opts for breakneck rhythms mixed with globs of synths, vocoder, and sampled vocals.

In a statement, Ray explained that the song “represents someone or something reaching their hands up to try and touch God and falling short, over and over again.” While that sense of desperation isn’t initially apparent, the blasts of glitchy electronics make it stunning nonetheless. Listen in below.

“Context” is the A-side of a new single out January 20th via Canvasclub.


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