Jeff Rosenstock premieres new song “Beers Again Alone ” — listen


For the better part of a decade, Jeff Rosenstock served as the mastermind for New York punk collective Bomb The Music Industry!. Following the band’s disbandment in 2014, however, he started a new band called Antarctigo Vespucci and released a handful of 7-inch singles. Now, the Long Island native is prepping his second solo album We Cool?, due out March 3rd through Side One Dummy Records.

According to a press release, “We Cool? serves as a much-needed alternative to the over-bloated rock star faux-indie bullshit that seems to be overwhelming today’s music scene. The album is loaded with undeniable power pop anthems from start to finish that will make you dance around your living room while simultaneously causing you to have an internal emotional breakdown.”

One such anthem is the record’s latest single, “Beers Again Alone”. With its sing-along chorus, big drunken harmonies, and giant-sized country guitars, it’s definitely a song worth drinking to (be it for solemn mourning or general celebration). Yet under that beer-soaked exterior lies real heart, as Rosenstock tries to maintain himself in the face of an ever-growing wall of solitude. Listen in below.

For more from the album, check out “Nausea” and “You, In Weird Cities”. Pre-orders are ongoing.

We Cool? Tracklist:
01. Get Old Forever
02. You, In Weird Cities
03. Novelty Sweater
04. Nausea
05. Beers Alone Again
06. Im Serious, I’m Sorry
07. Hey Allison!
08. Polar Bear of Africa
09. Hall of Fame
10. All Blissed Out
11. The Lows
12. Darkness Records