Nicolas Jaar writes new score for 1969 Armenian film The Color Of Pomegranates — listen

A biography of Armenian ashug Sayat-Nova, now with electronic music


Nicolas Jaar has written a new, full-length score for the 1969 Armenian classic avant-garde film The Color of Pomegranates. Jaar uploaded a full-length copy of the film complete with his newly added music, and you can watch/listen to the whole thing below.

The Color of Pomegranates is director Sergei Parajanov’s biography of the Armenian ashug (a lute-playing troubadour) Sayat-Nova, known as King of Song. According to Wikipedia, the film “attempts to reveal the poet’s life visually and poetically rather than literally,” following his life from youth to death.

Jaar created 20 different tracks under the title Pomegranates for the piece. Check it out below, followed by the tracklist.

Pomegranates Tracklist:
01. Garden Of Eden
02. Construction
03. Pass The Time
04. Survival
05. The Fool And His Harem
06. Being And Nothingness
07. Near Death
08. Beasts Of This Earth
09. Fall Into Time
10. Folie à Deux
11. Screams At The Edge Of Dawn
12. Divorce
13. Three Windows
14. Touristas
15. Shame
16. Tower Of Sin
17. Kapital
18. Volver
19. Spirit
20. Muse