Simon Joyner shares new song “Nostalgia Blues” — listen

Nebraska songwriter shares latest single from his new album, Grass, Branch & Bone


Nebraskan singer-songwriter Simon Joyner has amassed an extensive discography spanning over 12 albums, and which has earned accolade from some of indie’s greats. Both Beck and The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle cite Joyner’s records as some of their favorites. Most notable, however, is his influence on Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, who called Joyner his “favorite lyricist of all time.” The twang and earnest vocals on his latest song, “Nostalgia Blues”, makes the connection especially apparent.

The sparsely arranged track carries on for over seven minutes, showcasing Joyner’s knack for heart-wrenching storytelling. Over an acoustic guitar and plodding stand-up bass, he describes cigarette burns and allusions to the poem “Hey Diddle Diddle”. He drops sobering lines throughout, like, “All those sweet dreams I watched corrode so long ago.” As if it weren’t already sad enough, his quivering voice only heightens the desperation. It’s an elegant ode to loneliness that doesn’t spare the harrowing details.

Joyner will release his 13th album, Grass, Branch & Bone, on March 31st via Woodsist. For more from the album, check out his previous single, “You Got Under My Skin”.

Grass, Branch & Bone Tracklist:
01. Sonny
02. Train to Crazy Horse
03. You Got Under My Skin
04. Jefferson Reed
05. Some Fathers Let The Sunset Bring Them To Their Knees
06. Old Days
07. I Will Not Be Your Fool (The Muse’s Song)
08. In My Drinking Dream
09. Nostalgia Blues