Stream: Purity Ring’s new album Another Eternity

Canadian dream pop outfit returns with its dynamic sophomore album


Purity Ring will release its new album Another Eternity on March 3rd via 4AD Records. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in its entirety via

The 10-track effort follows the dream pop outfit’s 2012 smash debut, Shrines. It was self-recorded and produced by band members Megan James and Corin Roddick in their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. As Shrines was helmed while the two lived separately in Halifax and Montreal, Another Eternity marks the first time Purity Ring was able to record while in the same room.

According to the duo, the album is not only more energetic, but more straightforward than its predecessor. “We were just trying to create more dynamic songs, to have lower valleys and higher peaks … really thickening things out and then creating big arcs and crescendos,” Roddick explained. James added, “We wanted the vocals louder, and we wanted there to be more separation between parts. There’s kind of more clarity, because there isn’t just things and things layered.”

Another Eternity is preceded by the tracks “push pull”, “Begin Again”“Repetition”, and “Bodache”, which was premiered this afternoon on BBC Radio 1. Watch the accompanying visualizer below.

Pre-orders for the album are ongoing.

Another Eternity Tracklist:
01. Heartsigh
02. Bodyache
03. Push Pull
04. Repetition
05. Stranger Than Earth
06. Begin Again
07. Dust Hymn
08. Flood on the Floor
09. Sea Castle
10. Stillness in Woe