Watch BBC’s new documentary Kraftwerk: Pop Art, chronicling the band’s historic London residency


Photo by Robert Altman

Back in 2013, German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk set up shop in London’s Tate Modern for an extensive, eight-night residency aptly called Kraftwerk — The Catalogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. In addition to awe-inspiring 3D effects, the event saw the group perform eight of their classic albums. Now, nearly two years later, footage from that historic residency has finally emerged in the form of an hour-long English-language BBC documentary. (German, French, and Spanish versions are said to have been floating online for some time now.)

Helmed by Simon Witter, Kraftwerk: Pop Art captures four tracks from the Computer World-designated night at Tate. The film also features new interviews, archived footage circa the 1970s, portions of Ralf Hütter’s last known filmed interview, live audio from Kraftwerk’s original 1981 Computer World tour, and a rare video of the band playing as a three-piece. Techno legend Derrick May, Can founder Holger Czukay, and graphic designer Neville Brody are among the guest contributors. Watch the full documentary below.


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