Killer Mike sustained a torn rotator cuff during SXSW stage attack

"I was like, 'doctor, I'm not leaving the road - the tour goes on!'"

Run the Jewels // Photo by Ben Kaye

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Photo by Ben Kaye

Killer Mike has revealed he sustained a torn rotator cuff when a man came on-stage and attacked Run the Jewels at SXSW earlier this week.

Yesterday, Killer Mike and El-P returned to the stage for the first time since Monday’s incident. Prior to the duo’s performance of “Banana Clipper”, El-P told the crowd, “Last time we did this song, it was interrupted. Let’s not let that happen again,” with Killer Mike adding, “If you interrupt this song we’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

Killer Mike then explained to the audience that “I flew home to see my doctor” following the attack and was diagnosed him with a torn rotator cuff. The doctor advised him to wear a sling, but Mike refused, saying, “I was like, ‘doctor, I’m not leaving the road – the tour goes on!'”

As previously reported, the man behind the attack claimed Run the Jewels had stolen his lyrics and owed him money. Police did not arrest him.

Below, watch video of the incident.

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