Marathon: Fast and Furious

The day one film critic learned to ride or die.


Marathon is a new recurring feature in which one of our writers endures a grueling face-off with a franchise or collection of work in a single sitting and reports back on the experience. In our inaugural edition, Justin Gerber paces himself through all six Fast and Furious films in anticipation of Furious 7, out this week.  

At the beginning of my morning on Sunday, March 8th, 2015, I hated the Fast and Furious franchise. I had only seen the first one, and that was well over a decade ago. I thought it was dreadful and swore off the series entirely. By late evening on that very same Sunday, after watching every Fast movie, something was changed in me forever. I now considered myself a full-fledged member of the Fast family.

How did this happen? Most of the credit goes to director Justin Lin, who took over duties starting with Tokyo Drift and guided the series in a whole new direction. Gone were (most) of the car races, which were replaced by car chases. It stopped taking itself so seriously and became a fun, fast, and furious franchise. Please read on and relive my journey on that fateful Sunday morning, afternoon, and night.

Ride or die…

–Justin Gerber
Film Editor

The Fast and the Furious

fullhd hizli ve ofkeli 1 fast and furious 1 turkce dublaj izle Marathon: Fast and Furious


MINUTE 1:40 And we’re already shooting grappling hooks through windshields.

2:56 Driving a car under a semi Clark Griswold style.

4:42 Brian’s “I’ll have the tuna” delivery is just as awful as I remember it.

5:55 Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of Dom’s team enter. She has flames on her shoes.

0555 Marathon: Fast and Furious

9:55 “NOS. I need NOS!”

10:25 Every song sounds like Linkin Park and Crazy Town made love and had a soundtrack.

11:00 “Rollin’”!

12:15 Man. Ja Rule was huge 14 years ago.

13:10 “I smell…skanks.”

16:00 Weird Pizza Hut placement when delivery man is told, “Streets closed, pizza man.”

1600 Marathon: Fast and Furious

16:37 First car race!

18:34 Seeing engines fire up is pretty cool.

18:57 “Damn, that guy’s fast.” – stock Asian American actor.

19:09 “Let’s go…menage!” – Ja Rule

22:14 “Winning’s winning.” – Dom

26:42 “I’ll die before I go back.” Dom’s Neil McCauley moment.

27:34 Johnny Tran a.k.a. henchman from Die Another Day!

29:45 “What the hell was that all about?” Delivered dead-behind-the-eyes twice in a minute. Walker is awful in this.

34:20 “I’m simpler.” Truer words never spoken.

35:25 Ted Levine! And the Point Break reveal is here.

3525 Marathon: Fast and Furious

37:30 “You want time? Get the magazine.” – FBI Agent

42:20 Jesse, the engineering genius in Dom’s gang, not long for this franchise. Not hawt enough.

45:22 Pretty sure Harry was a vampire on Angel. Will follow up. (Confirmed)

49:46 Vince convinced Brian’s a cop. Pretty sure Vince turns out to be the rat/turncoat. Don’t remember him in trailers for the next dozen movies.

52:37 Garage full of stolen DVD players. Remember those? #bluray #netflix #prime

55:25 “I need a few more days. I need a few more days.”

57:15 Dom’s speech to Brian about his father dying in fiery car crash is awfully sad now in light of what happened to Walker.

57:45 “I live my life one quarter mile at a time.” – Dom

HOUR 1:09:30 Race Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10930 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:12:25 The ADR in this movie is as out of control as these crazy street racers!

1:15:30 Race Wars rave!!!!!!!!

1:16:30 “I’m a cop,” Brian reveals to Mia, but tells her he never lied about his feelings for her. Wait, this character has emotion?

RANDOM THOUGHT: Bieber street races, right?

1:19:00 Well, Dom’s team are the bad guys after all. I’m sure Brian won’t throw away his career to join the gang in the future. Positive.

1:26:25 Real good stunt work with the jumpings on and off of moving semis. If there is CGI, it isn’t obvious.

1:28:05 Dom knows Brian’s a cop. This Diesel’s gonna blow!

1:31:29 And Jesse is dead. Like I said: not good-looking enough.

13129 Marathon: Fast and Furious

RANDOM THOUGHT: The movie Torque.

1:33:05 The simpler days of F&F, when the climax consisted of two cars chasing two motorcycles.

1:36:39 Weird slow-mo there, director.

1:38:51 Johnny Utah wouldn’t let the perp escape. “I owed you a 10-second car.”

1:39:41 Brian walks away in slo-mo, and the movie ends. Cue Ja!

RANDOM THOUGHT: The movie Biker Boyz.

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2 Fast 2 Furious

a85311pv94i Marathon: Fast and Furious


SECOND 0:25 Universal Studios logo transforms into part of wheel. I don’t know shit about cars.

MINUTE 1:14 Ludacris as Tej! Already a million times better than Ja Rule.

2:17 Devon Aoki as Michelle Rodriguez a.k.a. Suki.

3:16 Brian’s back! He’s gonna race! FYI: My younger brother is an extra in this sequence. Circled below!

0316 Marathon: Fast and Furious

6:32 35 large for a race? Taxes must be insane!

12:50 ADVERTISEMENT: Car crash into Pepsi sign.

14:30 Eva Mendes in the role of Jordana Brewster a.k.a. Monica.

15:32 James friggin’ Remar in the house…and firing at Brian!

16:12 Officially places movie in Florida.

16:32 Hey! FBI agent from original! And Brian has apparently left the L.A.P.D.

19:10 Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pierce at demolition derby. Replacing Vin? TRUE STORY: Tyrese has a mural of the Last Supper featuring Tupac.

1910 Marathon: Fast and Furious

20:56 “Only my homeboys call me Rome…pig.”

22:57 Brian and Rome have contentious relationship. Different dynamic from Brian and Dom.

23:37 Brian is “hard” now. Wears “West Coast Choppers” t-shirt and says “bro.” A lot.

2337 Marathon: Fast and Furious

24:37 Monica Fuentes is an undercover cop!

28:30 Cole Hauser as bad guy Carter Verone. Wish he’d have had a career as good as his Good Will Hunting costars.

32:00 Brian races in reverse, flicks off Rome and says, “How you like them apples?” Wait. If Good Will Hunting exists in this universe, who plays Cole Hauser’s role in that movie? Meta.

32:23 “Crazy-ass white boy” line count is at one.

37:50 So Brian and Rome have to transport something mysterious for Carter. Is it an elephant? (Smokey and the Bandit 2, anyone?)

42:25 Tej can no longer race due to injury. Hmmmm…

45:40 I guess Rome’s thing is that he’s hungry all the time?

47:16 “It’s getting thick real quick.” – Hard Brian

48:25 Three races in first hour? I think there were two in the entire first one.

RANDOM THOUGHT: I can’t believe John Singleton directed this.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Menace II Society > Boyz n the Hood

54:50 Another hot spot that finds Tyrese shouting out “Damn!”

RANDOM THOUGHT: Movie eschews any character development, though it was so dopey in the previous installment it’s probably for the best.

56:40 Rome says, “He’s over there. Don’t look.” Brian and Monica look without missing a beat.

57:37 “Women are a very powerful force.” – Carter, American Gangster

57:45 Is that Bobby from Sons of Anarchy?

59:38 It is Bobby! A corrupt cop just like he is in Batman Begins.

5938 Marathon: Fast and Furious

HOUR 1:03:05 Villains much more villainous than original.

1:05:30 Monica arrives in cutoff shirt to tell Brian that Carter is going to kill them, post-run.

1:10:57 “Yo, Tej. What’s up, bro?” – Hard Brian

1:11:56 Every song sounds like Ludacris and Nelly made love and had a soundtrack.

1:12:30 Rome explains why he eats so much. Something about going back to prison.

1:12:50 “Remember us growing up? Playing football in the dirt?” No! You can’t decide to build characters 75% into a movie!

1:13:57 Sweet-sassy molassey there is half an hour left.

1:16:53 Alas, the mysterious package is just a lot of cash. #smokey4eva

1:19;50 Henchman, whose job it is to track people, “can’t drive.”

1:21:43 ADVERTISEMENT: Golden Corral! Applewood bacon wraps!

12143 Marathon: Fast and Furious

RANDOM THOUGHT: Drink every time Brian says, “Bro.”

1:24:02 They’re going full Smokey and the Bandit 2 with the dozens of cars being chased by dozens of cops!

1:25:20 “Yo, let’s break.” – Hard Brian

1:27:46 Second “How ’bout them apples?” reference. Will they break the fourth wall next?

1:35:43 Brian flies car onto a moving boat.

1:39:14 Guess the movie’s over.

1:40:00 “Pockets ain’t empty, cuz.” – Hard Brian

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

fast and the furious tokyo drift xlg Marathon: Fast and Furious


SECOND 0:34 Already feels different. We’re in high school.

0:55 My boy Lucas Black (Friday Night Lights movie, American Gothic TV show) as Sean Boswell.

MINUTE 3:15 “It’s not the ride. It’s the rider.” – Sean (Black)

3:22 Zachary Ty Bryan as a jock. A long way from Home Improvement.

4:58 High school “hottie” literally offers herself up to winner of car race.

5:45 “Bawitdaba”!!!!

7:46 World’s longest construction site.

11:20 Sean is on strike three, crime-wise. To avoid jail…

12:05 …Tokyo here we drift!

13:05 KFC and McDonald’s, but no Golden Corral.

13:43 Sean to live with Pops.

17:00 Culture shock montage!!!

19:02 CSI Cyber’s Bow Wow in do-rag and school uniform.

19:43 He shills bootleg Air Jordans. Like Mike flashback.

21:06 Bow Wow with Hulk minivan, complete with hair on top. Approved!

2106 Marathon: Fast and Furious

21:38 Took Sean less than 24 hours to find underground street racing.

27:00 “Drifting” is a special turn during a race to avoid spinning out. Title made clear. We may continue.

RANDOM: DK is a member of the yakuza. Sean’s potential love interest is dating him. Guy’s a real jerk, ya’ dig?

30:23 Twinkie (Bow Wow) gets in elevator full of cute girls. Winks at camera. Winks at camera!

3023 Marathon: Fast and Furious

32:30 The guy who lends Sean his car is the most likable guy in this thing. He isn’t fazed at all by his car getting torn up.

32:48 “Don’t leave town,” he says, post-race. Love this guy.

33:47 “This isn’t a game.” – Sean’s absentee dad.

35:25 Sean must go to bathhouse to retrieve money for nice, cool guy from earlier.

36:59 Han is his name, and Sean is his bagman. He is great. Why wasn’t Han in the first two?

3659 Marathon: Fast and Furious

42:33 NOS sighting! NOS sighting!

44:00 Hawt girls making out. This and cars tie Tokyo Drift to the previous entries in the franchise.

46:10 Han lets Sean choose whatever car he wants at warehouse. Han rules.

48:15 Father/son bonding over Dad’s car. Who cares? Where’s Han? He’s the only father figure you need, Sean!

51:15 Han/Sean bonding time. This is more like it.

52:00 “One car in exchange for knowing what a man’s made of? That’s a price I can live with.” – Obi-Han Kenobi

53:58 Han drifts not for money, but for the ladies. Gets digits and everything.

54:17 Han is now full-on mentor, teaching Sean to drift.

HOUR 1:00:17 Up for a romantic night drift, anybody?

RANDOM THOUGHT: Movie cheesy as hell, but director Justin Lin has figured out how to make it enjoyable.

1:02:36 “Stay away from her, or the only thing you’ll be driving is a wheelchair.” Pretty good burn from DK after kicking Sean’s ass for stepping out with Neela. BTW, DK stands for “Drift King.”

1:03:04 “What did you expect? You didn’t just play with fire, you soaked the matches in gasoline.” – Han

1:06:50 Yakuza make obligatory appearance. Uncle Kamata (from Kill Bill), in Godfather II/Don Fanucci gear, tells his nephew DK that Han has been stealing from them.

10650 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:07:53 “For want of a nail the horseshoe was lost…” – Uncle Kamata

1:11:20 Night chase through downtown Tokyo. Much more exciting than the abandoned roads of first two.

1:14:03 Sean has mastered the drift!

1:15:25 Han is dead! This movie is dead to me!!

1:16:01 Sean and Neela are bummed out on subway, but trust me, I am the more bummed.

1:18:30 Father/son understanding. Sean must avenge Han and save his love. He can’t do it…without Bow Wow?

RANDOM THOUGHT: Bow Wow is actually decent in this, far superior to Tyrese as the lead character’s number two.

1:23:40 It’s settled: Uncle Kamata agrees that Sean and DK must race. Whoever loses has to leave town. Wait…what?

1:24:48 Sean will use car his Dad’s been working on for the big race (complete with cock rock score!).

1:25:46 SPOTTED: Gray Hulk figure in Twink’s car.

12546 Marathon: Fast and Furious

RANDOM THOUGHT: Han still dead.

1:28:45 Sean and DK in cliffside, nighttime race. Who will win? Who will live?

1:34:07 Sean wins! Everyone is free!

1:36:26 Dom is back! Great cameo. And he knew Han at one point. “I’ve got nothing but time.”

13626 Marathon: Fast and Furious

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Fast & Furious



SECOND :42 Dominican Republic. Get it?

MINUTE 1:18 Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are back. And Han? Prequel? Who cares? Han’s back!

1:51 Ranch hand from The Bridge driving the semi. Miss that show already.

4:22 Is Dom wearing a dress shirt with sleeves cut off?

04221 Marathon: Fast and Furious

5:05 NOS sighting!

9:10 “Heard they’re doing some crazy shit in Tokyo.” Han…before exiting the film. No! Don’t leave me here with Paul Walker!

11:54 L.A. Brian’s back, now in a suit. Hooray. Chasing some criminal or someone. Who cares…

13:14 NOS sighting on billboard!

13141 Marathon: Fast and Furious

14:19 Shea Whigham (Boardwalk Empire) and a bad haircut!

14:15 Brian’s been reinstated somehow. Now an FBI agent. Wasn’t he a cop before? How are you reinstated into something you’ve never been in?

15:32 Michelle Rodriguez character murdered? We’re off to a good start.

16:25 Jordana Brewster back. Part 3 is just totally left behind on another continent.

18:00 Dom’s car from original still around. In bad condition.

26:20 This “David Park” guy better blow me away. That’s all anyone’s talking about.

26:55 Takes place five years after original. Hmmm…

27:55 Mia tells Brian, “Maybe you’re a bad guy pretending to be a good guy. Ever think about that?” If he goes bad again…oomph.

30:34 Reunited and it feels so good…until Dom gets away again. David Park just some low-level thug. Next!

31:53 “This isn’t the Cub Scouts!” – Brian’s boss.

33:11 Brian to race undercover.

34:29 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot! As an enforcer, apparently.

35:33 John Ortiz! Him and Whigham in same movie? Good casting.

35331 Marathon: Fast and Furious

37:27 Brandon T. Jackson?

38:25 GPS-directed race — drivers don’t know where they’re headed. Streets filled with people.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Lin is a much better action director than both Cohen and Singleton.

43:10 These guys are good at “drifting.” I used it right!

43:48 “Still a buster” – a triumphant Dom

44:20 Paul Walker has improved as an actor. No sarcasm!

45:22 Hot girls making out with one another. The tradition continues.

RANDOM THOUGHT: I guess Brian and Rome didn’t open that garage in Florida with the cash they stole. Oh, well.

48:53 “To the ladies we’ve loved, and the ladies we’ve lost.” Tell ’em John!

53:55 Who is Braga?

55:13 NOS drink sighting in Brian’s car.

57:40 How is Gal Gadot going to carry a movie? She is lifeless in this.

HOUR 1:03:25 We have found Rodriguez’s killer.

1:07:11 “Now you owe me a 10-second car.” Awww…

1:08:00 I forgot Jordana Brewster was in this. It’s been 40 minutes…

1:08:27 Family dinner, y’all!

108271 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:09:49 Brian let Dom go because he respected him more than he did himself? “He had a code.” Who gives a shit? Guy’s a criminal.

1:11:00 So Letty (Rodriguez) ended up working with Brian before her death to take down bad guy and bring Dom home. A-ha!

1:13:18 “We bag Braga, you let Toretto walk.” Fuck you, Brian! Dom’s a criminal!

1:15:09 “Everybody stay frosty.” Um, Diamond Dave, that’s your cue…

1:16:48 So Braga, the mysterious baddie, is played by…some no-name?

1:18:18 That was some Ra’s al Ghul shit right there! John Ortiz is Braga!

1:22:10 …and Brian’s a bad guy again. What is this? Lost season six?

1:22:21 (“Don’t mind me, Dom. I’m just screwing your sister in the kitchen!”)

1:24:21 Goodbye, Gal. You’ll be…missed?

1:25:07 The Fast and the Furious: Mexican Drift

1:26:00 Marco Rodríguez as a padre. Been in a million things (Cobra, The Crow, etc.).

1:27:40 Braga tells Dom, “You’re no hero.” He’s right! He’s a G.D. criminal!

1:31:08 Lethal Weapon chase through the desert…also looks like Smokey and the Bandit 2! Producers obsessed with that movie! Or maybe it is I who is obsessed…

1:34:40 Dom jumps from moving car into another moving car, throws out that car’s driver, and avoids crashing into dead end. I’m fine with this.

134401 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:35:54 “Pussy.”

1:37:55 Judge sentences Dom to 25-to-life. A fair sentence.

1:39:26 Brian and Mia are racing to break him out of a prison transport and then…credits!

RANDOM THOUGHT: Han didn’t come back. Dammit!

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Fast Five

fast five poster 04 Marathon: Fast and Furious


MINUTE 1:07 Best thing about binge watching these movies is that I don’t have to wait a year or so to see what will happen next. As suspected, Dom escapes from prison transport thanks to Brian and Mia.

1:58 Perd Hapley from Parks & Rec as a newscaster!

01581 Marathon: Fast and Furious

2:20 Giant bus flips a hundred times. No casualties.

4:30 Vince! Holy moly! About 30 pounds heavier, but hey, life.

5:50 Mia vomiting. Hmmm…pregnant? Yeah. Gotta be pregnant.

10:17 Train heist!

10:40 Dom!

12:32 Mia much more involved. Has done more in the first 15 minutes than she had in the previous two movies she was in.

15:48 Someone has driven a car out the front of a moving train in a movie now. And of course it was Dom (see previous film).

15481 Marathon: Fast and Furious

16:35 Drive off cliff…and into body of water. Jesus!

17:38 Reyes, bad guy from Clear and Present Danger and 24, has Dom and Brian hanging by their arms. Guys can’t catch a break

21:00 “Make sure you have your funderwear on.” Welcome to the Fast series, Rock.

22:00 “Stay the fuck out of my way!” The Rock is going to own this movie.

RANDOM THOUGHT: While the villain babbles on about being charitable to earn the faith of the people, blah blah blah, all I can think about is: Where’s Han?

27:56 “Give me the damn veggies.” – The Rock!

28:28 I think they’ve left out street races in this movie. This is great news for humans who don’t like street races.

32:23 The Rock kills four people mid-chase on foot.

33:57 Running through Rio slums proves more exciting than half of this series’ car chases.

35:25 “I’m pregnant.”

36:07 Group hug.

36:45 “Here’s what makes sense,” said The Rock just before throwing documents to the ground.

37:30 “He goes to the john, I want to know how many times he shakes it.” I can’t keep up, Dwayne!

39:00 “I don’t remember what the hell he looked like.” – Brian, on the father he doesn’t know and who will inevitably appear in this series.

40:22 Gang to take all of Reyes’ money and get out of the game!

40:45 Fast Avengers assemble!

41:01 Pretty much everyone who matters from the first four movies is here. Unfortunately, that includes Rome, but Han is back, assholes!

41011 Marathon: Fast and Furious

42:49 Gal Gadot and the two Spanish guys from part four are also here. I appreciate this effort at continuity very much, Fast producers.

45:22 “Sounds like a whole lot of vaginal activity to me.” – Rome, “hilarious” as always.

52:45 “This just went from Mission Impossible to Mission Infreakinsanity!” – #romefail

58:34 Apparently Luda is a tech genius? I guess it serves the need for his presence.

59:27 Brian also wonders when he became so tech savvy. Luda responds, “I had a life before you knew me, O’Connor.” Fair enough.

HOUR 1:00:57 In the time-honored tradition of Goonies and Lethal Weapon 2: an exploding toilet.

100571 Marathon: Fast and Furious

RANDOM THOUGHT: I really think they got rid of the car races.

1:05:11 There was a race and they completely left it out of the movie (applause).

1:06:00 Han still eating candy. Continuity points. But where has Rome’s appetite gone? Continuity demerits.

1:06:45 And when did Gal Gadot become such a good driver – ah, forget it.

1:14:00 The Rock dwarfs Vin Diesel.

1:18:18 Love in the air between Dom and rookie cop? Me thinks so.

1:19:03 “I know just where to get ‘em.” – Dom, referencing invisible cars.

1:19:36 “It’s been awhile…”

1:20:20 Maybe don’t race in the police cars you just stole. Also: maybe don’t race.

1:20:54 Of course Rome turns on the sirens. He also says, “I’m hungry.” Maybe that’s a call back to 2 Fast? Continuity points!

1:23:57 Family meal!

1:25:37 “There’s always room for family.” Dom you ol’ softie.

1:29:33 The Nanny vs. The Tooth Fairy, as it was foretold centuries ago.

129331 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:33:20 If Reyes’ men hadn’t ambushed Dom’s gang, said gang would have gone to prison. Bonehead move!

1:35:06 Welcome to the team, Hobbs.

1:36:15 Vince shot again! Maybe if Brian was still a damn cop, he could call for help. Alas, Vince is dead…

1:38:16 “Running ain’t freedom.” – Dom

1:38:40 “I’ll ride with you, Toretto. At least until we kill that sonofabitch.” – Hobbs

1:40:20 …and The Rock just drove a car into a police station.

1:45:37 Using the vault as a shield and weapon while continuing to drag it through Rio: “I’m lovin’ it.”

145371 Marathon: Fast and Furious

2:47:07 A character named Han saves the day during climax. Sound familiar?

2:47:15 Rome also there. Ugh.

1:49:40 NOS sighting!!!!!

1:50:22 I can’t say enough about how impressive this whole vault chase is. A real achievement.

1:52:30 “That’s for my team, you sonofabitch.” The Rock just flat-out killed an unarmed, injured bad guy.

1:54:30 They switched vaults! They switched vaults!

1:55:43 Rich rich rich rich!

1:56:24 Dom looking out for Vince’s fam.

1:57:24 Tej built that garage. Rome bought that vaginal activity he was speaking of earlier.

1:58;54 Han got Wonder Woman. As for Japan, “We’ll get there…eventually.” Take your time, my man. Take your time.

HOUR 2:00:00 Dom with rookie cop. Will Letty haunt them??

2:03:25 Glad I stuck around for the credits because Eva Mendes is back…and reveals that Letty is alive! Part 6, here I come!

Click ahead for Fast & Furious 6.

Furious 6 a.k.a. Fast & Furious 6



SECOND 0:54 And we’re off! Dom and Brian racing for 80th time

MINUTE 1:49 Never mind. Racing to see Brian’s baby!

2:15 Fast clip show.

4:46 Moscow…and The Rock! And Gina Carano.

6:22 Beating the shit out of suspect in interrogation room. Room destroyed. We’re what…five minutes in?

6:47 “You want to catch wolves, you need wolves. Let’s go hunting!” The Rock now a permanent staple in the franchise.

8:54 Dom now knows about Letty. Love triangle time.

9:57 “The crew we’re after, they hit like thunder, disappear like smoke.” – The Rock rules

10:22 Dammit. It’s Rome.

11:34 Luda, Gadot…and Han are all back.

12:41 “It’s Roman, Bitches” on outside of plane. Lordy.

1241 Marathon: Fast and Furious

13:31 Model of Dom’s car as a gift for his nephew. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Dom’s a softie.

13:55 Walker, again, a much better actor than he was 15 years ago.

15:42 London Drift?

16:20 Two Spanish guys not invited back. We’re going to be okay.

17:57 “It’s on the house,” says The Rock after firing into a vending machine.

23:12 Owen Shaw has the Bat Tumblr.

2312 Marathon: Fast and Furious

25:44 The Bizarro Fast Gang. Everyone has a double they’re up against!

26:48 Rome in awful car accident!!

29:48 The Rock jumps off of moving car onto a moving car on bridge below. Yes!

30:13 Letty is alive…and she’s shot Dom.

32:03 “You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.” I’m getting a sense that there is a theme of family in this series.

33:51 #teampu**y

34:22 “It’s like were hunting our evil twins!” Rome and I on the same page. What is happening???

35:58 Gisele is the name of Gal Gadot’s character. It took three movies for me to register that.

41:01 Gina Carano’s MMA coming in handy.

48:50 Han vs doppelgänger. Carano vs. Rodriguez in handcuff fight.

51:40 Apparently Letty did suffer from amnesia after shot to the head. Guess that would happen.

53:26 Braga working with Shaw! Bringin’ in the Fast vets, y’all! The more John Ortiz the better.

56:42 Return to L.A. for Brian…and Shea Whigham. This series leaves no one behind.

57:42 Brian goes to jail under name of “T. Bridges.” Todd Bridges slam? (Later discovered it is a reference to Tyrese and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Doh!)

5742 Marathon: Fast and Furious

58:23 Brian breaks Whigham’s nose again. Even Whigham calls him out on it!

RANDOM THOUGHT: This series got better as it became more aware of how ridiculous it is.

HOUR 1:01:19 Baraga was actually running things for Shaw. There’s always someone else…

1:04:20 Street race. Ugh. But at least it’s between Letty and Dom.

1:06:45 Rita Ora has more lines here than she allegedly has in all of 50 Shades of Gray.

1:09:07 NOS sighting in Letty’s car!

1:09:39 Dom and Letty head to Battersea Power Station — home of Pink Floyd’s Animals album cover. No flying pig this time. “Charade you are!” (Waters)

10939 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:13:21 Dom giving her that cross of his. It’s now her cross to bear. That’s probably not accurate. I’m thinking too deep about this movie.

1:15:27 “Your code is about ‘family.’” Good point, Owen. Dom needs to know when the heat comes around the corner, you gotta go.

1:18:08 …and Brian’s heading back to London. Probably could have cut that whole “return to L.A.” sequence to make this movie an even two hours, but whatevs.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Still so ridiculous that Luda’s character from 2 Fast is this tech genius.

1:21:53 “Samoan Thor” is how Luda has Hobbs identified on his phone. He was addressed as Captain America earlier in the film, Gina Carano dated Henry Cavill (Superman), Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, Vin Diesel is Groot. Am I missing any superhero connections? Oh, The Rock is Shazam!

1:24:15 We’re gonna protect our little egg, move it out of the henhouse, then we’re gonna wait for that goddamn fox to arrive!” – classic Hobbs

1:27:09 A tank has burst out the front of a semi. Out of, not smashed through.

12709 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:29:06 “We need a plan C, D, E. We need more alphabets!” – Tej

1:29:41 Shaw’s tank just driving over moving vehicles. Innocent people being smashed!

1:30:58 “I gotta tank on my ass!” Rome actually amusing and tolerable. It took three movies, but better late than never.

1:33:44 Dom soars through the air towards another bridge, catches Letty who has been flung in the air, and they both land safely on a car. This is great.

13344 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:35:05 Shaw in prison. Something tells me this is ‘bout to go the route of The Dark Knight and Skyfall.

1:36:12 Han and Gisele are moving to Tokyo…where I’m guessing one of them will break the other’s heart and Han will die. No!!!

1:40:07 Gina Carano is a double agent! Did not see that coming. (Applause)

1:41:50 “That ain’t a plane! That’s a planet!” That’s enough, Rome!

1:42:36 “Ride or die.” Dom!

1:45:41 Dom soaring head-butt!

14541 Marathon: Fast and Furious

RANDOM THOUGHT: No less than three fistfights happening on this moving plane.

1:49:40 “Wrong team, bitch!” – Letty to Gina. Bye, Gina.

1:51:09 Gisele sacrificed herself to save Han? Shit. No wonder he ends up in Tokyo alone.

1:53:55 Dom just drove a car through a plane and out the nose as the plane exploded. When does Furious 7 come out again?

15355 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:57:10 Family dinner

1:58:08 All free! Thanks, Hobbs!

1:59:00 Oh, and bye Brazilian cop from Fast Five! Sorry, but Dom’s back with Letty.

1:59:18 “’Til next time.”

2:02:29 During credits, we return to Han’s death in Tokyo Drift.

2:03:19 It was Jason Statham who killed him! Seriously, when does Furious 7 come out???