Holy Schnikes! Tommy Boy Turns 20

Two friends reunite and discuss Chris Farley's greatest film with director Peter Segal.


    Artwork by Cap Blackard (Buy Prints + More!)

    On March 31st, 1995, Chris Farley and David Spade crashed into theaters with Tommy Boy. Not exactly a critical darling — Roger Ebert famously dubbed it “one of those movies that plays like an explosion down at the screenplay factory” — the coming-of-age road comedy debuted at No. 1 and pocketed an admirable $33 million dollars nationwide. Twenty years later, the Lorne Michaels-produced venture has become a cult classic and one of the best-selling titles on home video.

    To celebrate, Editor-in-Chief Michael Roffman called up an old friend, former Consequence of Sound writer Jay Ziegler, to chart the film’s underdog success and explain why it’s without a doubt the greatest portrait of the late Farley. Along the way, the two also pieced together a short list of forgotten quotes and spent an evening talking at great lengths with the man who made it all happen: Mr. Peter Segal. There’s even original art by Cap Blackard and Steven Fiche!

    Below, we’ve broken down the whole ketchup popsicle into three sections:

    I. Discussion

    II. 10 Forgotten Quotes Worthy of New Laughs

    III. Q&A with Director Peter Segal

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