Scott Stapp and his estranged wife will star on a reality TV show

Couple famous for drug-induced psychotic breaks to appear on VH1's Couples Therapy

Following a string of very public psychotic incidents, and subsequent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Scott Stapp has signed on to star in reality TV show. The Creed frontman and his estranged wife Jaclyn — known for being Miss New York USA 2004 as well as a children’s book author — will appear on season six of VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Stapp drew massive media attention and concern last year when he posted a series of videos claiming things like the IRS was keeping millions of dollars from him and that he was a CIA agent meant to assassinate President Obama. Jaclyn filed for divorce and full custody of their three children, as well as asking for a 60-day psychiatric hold on Stapp. After he admitted to rampant drug and alcohol abuse and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the two reconciled.

Now, the pair will work out their problems with cameras surrounding them for all of the public to behold. Because nothing says #Murica like a drug addicted, mentally unstable celebrity having a frightening psychotic break and then being put on reality TV. Ka-ching.


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