Album Review: The I.L.Y.’s – I’ve always been good at true love

Death Grips ILYs



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Death Grips wouldn’t just go out with a final album. That’s too tidy. Of course, there’s the announced North American summer tour. Then there’s the surprise and mystery: The Death Grips’ Twitter account tweeted a link to The I.L.Y.’sI’ve always been good at true love. Next to nobody knows anything about the project other than maybe it’s a Death Grips side project.

And those possible ties to Death Grips are the only thing noteworthy here. I’ve always been good at true love is in line with the straightforward rock distortion of Jenny Death, but it’s nowhere near as exciting. It’s Death Grips nihilism sans the intrigue. It’s wracked with a grunge aesthetic with none of the oxymoronic relatable disinterest. I’ve always been good at true love is its album cover art: dried, blotchy, and bland.

This is a long and dreary sub-30 minutes. The lyrics, many focused on a masochistic vision of love, are performed with a sense of waywardness that’s more off-putting than compelling. Fuzz-laden riffs are here simply because they’re riffs; none excite, none are memorable, and they’re completely indistinctive. Opener “The Sickest Fuck of Them All” has a percussive bridge that’s a small spark, but what follows has the brightness of a blown-out bulb. Closer “All She Does Is Kill Shit” has a synth-y figure that adds color to the album, albeit nowhere near enough to clear the muddiness.

The gist here is: “This is nowhere near as exciting as Death Grips.” That comparison is an admittedly messy approach. Hell, I’ve written “The I.L.Y’s” just once. But with a project this formless, that tie is the sole reason it’s relevant.

Essential Tracks: “All She Does Is Kill Shit”