Pavement launches rarities series with The Secret History, Vol. 1

25 tracks available on vinyl for the first time


Between 1992 and 1999, Pavement released five albums, each adored and cherished for different reasons. However, in the process of recording each record, there were many tracks that fell by the wayside, as will happen when making music. These songs would be released as B-Sides or EPs, much later on deluxe reissues, or never be heard at all. Now, Matador Records is collecting these rarities for a series of “shadow records” beginning with the August 11th release of The Secret History, Vol. 1.

Featuring material recorded around the time of Pavement’s 1992 debut, Slanted and EnchantedVol. 1 packs 30 tracks over two vinyl LPs. Included are rarities from the Japanese version of Slanted (“So Stark (You’re A Skyscraper)”, “Sue Me Jack), alternate takes (“Here”, “Summer Babe”), and unused John Peel sessions (“Kentucky Cocktail”, “Ed Ames”). There’s also a 13-song live performance from London featuring Mark Ibold and Bob Nastanovich recorded in 1992.

While many of the tracks have been available in one form or another over the years, with most previously featured on the Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe CD, 25 of them are being presented on vinyl for the first time ever. The Secret History, Vol. 1 packages the songs together as a complete album alongside essays from Stephen Malkmus and Spiral Stairs. Also included are essays from the heads of Matador Records, Billions Corporation, and Drag City.

Pre-orders for Vol. 1 are going on now via Matador, with the next volumes coming over the next five years. Check the complete tracklisting and album art below.

The Secret History, Vol. 1 Artwork:

pavement secret history

The Secret History, Vol. 1 Tracklist:
01. Sue Me Jack
02. So Stark (You’re A Skyscraper)
03. Summer Babe (7” Version)
04. Mercy Snack: The Laundromat
05. Baptiss Blacktick
06. My First Mine
07. Nothing Ever Happens
08. Here (Alternate Mix)
09. Greenlander
10. Circa 1762 (Peel Session 1)
11. Kentucky Cocktail (Peel Session 1)
12. Secret Knowledge Of Backroads (Peel Session 1)
13. Here (Peel Session 1)
14. Rain Ammunition (Peel Session 2)
15. Drunks With Guns (Peel Session 2)
16. Ed Ames (Peel Session 2)
17. The List Of Dorms (Peel Session 2)
18. Conduit For Sale [Live Brixton 1992]
19. Fame Throwa [Live Brixton 1992]
20. Home [Live Brixton 1992]
21. Perfume V [Live Brixton 1992]
22. Summer Babe [Live Brixton 1992]
23. Frontwards [Live Brixton 1992]
24. Angel Carver Blues Mellow Jazz Docent [Live Brixton 1992]
25. Two States [Live Brixton 1992]
26. No Life Singed Her [Live Brixton 1992]
27. So Stark (You’re A Skyscraper) [Live Brixton 1992]
28. Box Elder [Live Brixton 1992]
29. Baby Yeah [Live Brixton 1992]
30. In The Mouth A Desert [Live Brixton 1992]