The Dalai Lama is having the best time at Glastonbury

His Holiness preaches peace, joins Patti Smith on-stage to celebrate his 80th birthday

Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama attended Glastonbury on Sunday — and had the time of his life.

The 80-year-old Buddhist monk appeared at the UK festival to deliver an early morning message of compassion and mutual understanding. Afterward, he took in the sights and scenes of Glastonbury, first crashing an economic forum hosted by the Guardian, and later joining Patti Smith on-stage to celebrate his birthday. Smith led the crowd in signing “Happy Birthday” as His Holiness gleefully cut a cake.

Thank you, thank you,” he told the Glastonbury crowd. “Dear sisters and brothers, I really appreciate so many people’s expressions of warmth, and I very much reciprocate it. I have dedicated my body, speech and mind to the well-being of others in my daily practice, so when people show these warm feelings, that gives me more enthusiasm. So I very much appreciate it.”

He continued, “These singers and musicians, most of you, have white hair—but the voice and the physical action looks very youthful. So that gives me encouragement myself. I’m now 80, but I should be more active like you.”

Meanwhile, during his speech at the festival’s Stone Circle, His Holiness preached a message of peace. “I see old and young, everybody full of joy. While you are here, enjoy the joyfulness here. But you should remember on this same planet are human beings being killed by human beings.”

Check out a few photos and video of His Holiness’ appearance, including a rather hilarious photo bomb:


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