Shift Change: 15 Surprising Leaps by Musicians

It's not where you begin, it's where you end up

Let me break it down for you: When I discovered that Devonte Hynes, the mastermind behind acoustic folk-rock project Lightspeed Champion (which fueled many a late-night study session in my early college days) had assumed the new moniker Blood Orange and was producing smooth electronic, R&B-influenced jams that seemed to embrace adulthood and all of its tangles in a way that Lightspeed Champion never had, it was both shocking and a little thrilling. The idea that an artist could shed one genre and so easily assume another, like putting on a different hat, was exciting.

On that subject, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 15 artists with contrasting resumes: from twee indie pop to smooth electronica, emo to dubstep. Rather than letting themselves be pigeonholed by any genre, these artists followed their muses through a variety of projects, geographic locations, and musical trends. We hope that at least a few of these make you say, “They were in that band too?”

–Katherine Flynn
Senior Staff Writer


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