Chelsea Wolfe reveals unsettling new song “Grey Days” — listen

Fifth studio album, Abyss, set to hit shelves next month


Abyss is the new album from Chelsea Wolfe, due out on August 7th through Sargent House. Thus far, we’ve heard a handful of tracks from the Pain Is Beauty follow-up, including “After the Fall”“Carrion Flowers”, and “Iron Moon”. Today, the neo-folk songwriter has offered up another glimpse of the LP with “Grey Days”.

Not unlike its predecessors, this new number finds Wolfe’s haunting vocals enveloped by harsh and frightening noises, as though she’s being pulled into the depths of some forsaken underworld. Her sawtoothed guitars gnaw especially hard during around the track’s halfway point. Listen in below.

In an interview with Billboard, she offered context for the song:

“The title [‘Grey Days’] came from a conversation with someone I met on the road who had been in prison. He called that time his ‘grey days.’ It’s about something holding you back. In the song, [what’s holding you back is] represented very internally. [It was] inspired by the Hayao Miyazaki film, Princess Mononoke, where darkness is represented by an iron ball as a sort of demon that ruins you from the inside out.”

Abyss Tracklist:
01. Carrion Flowers
02. Iron Moon
03. Dragged Out
04. Maw
05. Grey Days
06. After the Fall
07. Crazy Love
08. Simple Death
09. Survive
10. Color of Blood
11. The Abyss