Essentials Every New Yorker Needs to Conquer their Commute

Brought to you by Heineken


Of all the things that cause us stress, commuting has been proven to be the most loathed. Busy streets, hailing taxis, and crowded rides on the subway are typical for the everyday New Yorker. But, your commute doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. In fact, with the help of a few simple switch-ups, this time slot can actually be one of the most relaxing parts of your day. Whether it’s creating a killer playlist or learning something new, it’s fairly simple to transition commuting from stressful to a peaceful time for yourself between home and work.

A Killer Playlist

Listen to a playlist en route thanks to easy-to-use apps like Spotify. It’s truly the best way to tune out the continuous noises associated with a city that never sleeps. We recommend making different playlists for different days. Mondays can be all about relaxing and preparing for the work-week, and Fridays can be a little more fun. (It’s the last day of the work-week, right?) If you prefer to be surprised, opt for channels on SiriusXM or Pandora.

A Good Book

Whether it’s a Kindle or a good ‘ol paperback, reading is one of the best ways to take your mind off of things that may be stressing you out. Oh, and believe us when we say, time flies when you’re engulfed in an action-packed novel or an emotional few chapters. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination in no time.

Heineken Commute Subway Symphony

Stretch Away the Stress

Commute-friendly stretches and exercises will not only relieve anxiety, but they’ll improve muscle definition, too. While you are waiting for the train, do standing calf raises. They’re simple: Start with the feet hip-width apart and flat on the ground. Raise up onto the balls of your feet and contract your calf muscles. Squeeze tight and hold for 8-10 seconds, then lower feet on the ground. Repeat 10-12 times.

Train Your Mind

If you work in an office environment, you most likely spend the majority of your time on the computer. Doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, or other mind games can help you back away from the grind and use your brain in an entirely new way.

Learn Something

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, now’s the time! There are numerous apps and audio books that are designed to help you learn something new and exciting. There are also websites and apps that allow you to listen to foreign-language stations around the world.

To make your commute even better, Heineken, who believes in making great cities even greater, has jumped on board with a project dubbed Subway Symphony, which would intend to replace the harsh turnstile beeping noises on the NYC subway with pleasant, melodic notes that harmonize into music, giving each station its own sonic identity.

Subway Symphony Heineken Commute

The idea originated from musician and audiophile James Murphy, who has had the idea for years to make the New York City subway a more melodic experience. The ultimate goal of the project is to rally enough support to potentially turn Subway Symphony into a reality. Check out the video and show your support for the project by joining the conversation online with the hashtag #SubwaySymphony.

In the future, be on the lookout for more projects in cites across the country! To follow the progress, visit: