Portishead’s Geoff Barrow releases new EP as Beak> — listen

Split EP also features music from Beak> alter-ego <Kaeb


A new album from Portishead still looks to be a ways off, but that hasn’t kept Geoff Barrow from putting out his own music. Earlier this year, he and Ben Salisbury linked up for the soundtrack to Ex Machina; he’s also confirmed to appear on Run the Jewels’ forthcoming Meow the Jewels remix album.

Today, Barrow has revived his side-project Beak> for a new split EP. The group’s first release since >>, one of the best albums of 2012, it features two songs from Beak> proper and a pair from <Kaeb, described as “their alter-ego” who “have an ever expanding and floating membership.” The four-track collection is out now through Barrow’s own Invada label and available to stream via Bandcamp.

Check it out below, followed by the newly unveiled music video for Beak>’s “The Broken Window”, directed by Tia Salisbury.

Split EP Tracklist:
01. The Meader *
02. Broken Window *
03. When We Fall %
04. There’s No One %

* = Beak>
% = <Kaeb