Stream: Sons of Huns’ new album While Sleeping Stay Awake

The Portland metal trio’s sophomore LP is a pure shredder


Portland metal trio Sons of Huns will drop their sophomore record, While Sleeping Stay Awake, on July 21st via RidingEasy Records. In anticipation of its release, the record is now streaming in its entirety below.

Guided by the clinical fretwork of guitarist and vocalist Pete Hughes, the album is an onslaught of memorable riffs and complex songcraft, opening with the thrashy “Osiris Slain” before moving into headier directions, like the psych-doom of “Philosopher’s Stone” and two-part prog epic “Alchemist”. There’s even guest appearances from Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed) and Melvins drummer Dale Crover, solidifying the album among the modern heavy metal canon.

“If you want to bang your head, then hell yeah, I hope the album does that,” Hughes said. “At the same time, for those on a path of self-discovery, I hope it opens doors of inquiry.”

Pre-orders for a variety of physical formats are ongoing at RidingEasy, and digital copies can be purchased from the band directly.

While Sleeping Stay Awake Tracklist:
01. Osiris Slain
02. Ad Astra
03. An Evil Unseen
04. Eye in the Sky
05. Philosopher’s Stone
06. Alchemist Part I
07. Alchemist Part II
08. While Sleeping Stay Awake
09. The Reaper Is Waiting For You