The story of Obamas’ first date portrayed in “romantic dramedy” Southside With You

The most important first date in history?

At one point in time, Barack Obama was a law student and Michelle Obama had a different last name and wasn’t yet obsessed with children’s fitness. Then, in 1989, worlds collided and the future that we currently occupy was born when Barack and Michelle went out on their first date. Now, that fateful first date will be told in a new “romantic dramedy” called Southside With You.

According to Variety, the film finds young Obama trying to woo Michelle Robinson, played by Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter, respectively. On their first date, the two went to the Art Institute of Chicago before catching a screening of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and ending the evening with their first kiss outside an ice cream parlor. Sounds pretty romantic; I’d probably fall in love with the future president/first lady if that was what we did on our first date, too.

The header image is the first picture released from filming, showing both actors in character. The film, directed by Richard Tanne, is due out sometime in 2016.


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