ABBY premiere otherworldly new song “Hush” — listen

German indie rock outfit prep release of sophomore album, Hexagon


German indie rockers ABBY didn’t have a plan when they began recording their sophomore album. Having just come off the release of their debut album, Friends and Enemies, as well as collaborations with Moderat and George Morals, the band went into the studio with no demos to pull from. Instead, they spent 16 months experimenting with new sounds.

Over the course of their sonic explorations, they found themselves delving into psychedelic aesthetics and electronic beats. It became a time of discovery and evolution for the band. Now, they’re sharing their discoveries in the form of their new album, Hexagon, out October 2nd via Island Records. Ahead of the release, the band has released the first single, “Hush”.

“Whether you’re a fugitive from your past, your future, your generation, your family/lovers, your home country … or your art, every human longs for escape,” the band tells Consequence Of Sound. “One sometimes needs to silence the demons inside.”

The song opens with eerie electric guitar plucking, followed by even more otherworldly vocals — like a ghost or a distant memory. A steady drumbeat emerges to push the song from graveyard musing to a sense of resurrection. Layers of rhythms, synthesizer drones, and string arrangements pile up as the song goes along. It’s a lush and moving track, continually escalating until it falls back down to a quiet and stirring ending.

Listen in below.


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