Bill Murray will appear in new Ghostbusters film

Dr. Peter Venkman was spotted filming a cameo in Boston this weekend

Bill Murray Ghostbusters
Bill Murray in Ghostbusters

Bill Murray, the sole reason Ghostbusters 3 was never made, has reportedly shot a cameo for Paul Feig’s forthcoming reboot.

Murray was seen in Boston this weekend, where Ghostbusters is currently filming. The Hollywood Reporter has since confirmed Murray’s appearance in the film.

Another original Ghostbuster, Dan Akroyd, is also confirmed to have a cameo in the film.

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Murray long resisted the idea of reprising his role as Dr. Peter Venkman for a third film. His hesitancy stemmed from Ghostbusters II not being as well-received as the first one, as well as issues with the storyline conceived by Akroyd. The passing of Ghostbusters cast member Harold Ramis in 2014 forced Sony to abandon the idea for a third film entirely and look to creating an all-female reboot.

Ghostbusters, due July 22nd, 2016, stars Kristen WiigMelissa McCarthyKate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the Ghostbusters. The cast also includes Chris Hemsworth as the team’s receptionist, Andy Garcia as New York City’s Mayor, and Neil Casey as the main villain, along with Matt WalshMichael K. Williams, and Cecily Strong.