Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian shares new song “Komodo” — listen

Debut solo album The Expanding Flower Planet arrives later this month


The Expanding Flower Planet is the forthcoming solo debut from Angel Deradoorian, former bassist and vocalist for the Dirty Projectors. Expected to hit shelves on August 21st, the LP is previewed today with a gorgeous number entitled “Komodo”.

Similar to the previous offerings “The Eye” and “A Beautiful Woman”, it’s an expansive track full of unexpected peaks and valleys, and held together wondrously by Deradoorian’s billowy vocals. According to the Flying Lotus affiliate, she draws influence from Krautrock and psychedelic rock, as well as Middle Eastern and Native American rhythms. Listen in below.

In a recent interview, Deradoorian talked about how the song came together:

“This one started out mostly with the melodies in the beginning of the song and I worked around that. It felt pretty different when I started making it because I wasn’t writing a lot starting with the melody, so it took its own course in a very different way. I gave myself a lot of freedom to build up to those dynamics or change the parts and have more stops. It ended up sounding pretty cinematic and spacious, which I like.”

The Expanding Flower Planet Tracklist:
01. A Beautiful Woman
02. Expanding Flower Planet
03. Violet Minded
04. Komodo
05. Your Creator
06. The Invisible Man
07. DarkLord
08. Ouneya
09. The Eye
10. Grow